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Gr. 5 Research Project Involves Albany Museum


Albany Institute of History & Art Program Interpretive Programs Manager Patrick StrenshornFifth graders are working on a research project this year with the help of the Albany Institute of History and Art that shows them first-hand what is involved in creating museum displays.


In the spring, students will have the opportunity to have exhibits they create displayed in the museum for the public to view.


On Sept. 12, Interpretive Programs Manager Patrick Stenshorn visited Castleton Elementary School to tell students about the project and a field trip later this month to see a new Women's Suffrage exhibit celebrating the centennial anniversary of gaining the right to vote in New York State.


"We will take you behind the scenes to show you how a museum exhibit is made at the Albany Institute of History and Art," Mr. Stenshorn explained. "We will share with you the extensive research a museum worker must undertake to make a display possible. You won't want to miss this field trip."


Fifth graders will research and create exhibits about great Americans who have worked to "form a more perfect Union."