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Hands-On Learning Teaches 1st Graders Nanoscience


First graders are learning about nanoscience this year at no cost thanks to hands-on learning modules and teacher training provided by the Northeast Advanced Technological Education Center (NEATEC).


Students first tried the "Nano, Now That's Tiny" activity, an introductory self-contained module that supplements science, math, and technology lessons. In upcoming weeks, students will try similar nanoscience modules.


"It is all thanks to Mr. Horan who first sent out the email regarding summer module training a few years ago," said teacher Jennifer Milo-Kosinksi. "I hope he is smiling down on us as we use the kits. He would love the students' reactions."


NEATEC, which is led by Hudson Valley Community College, was established in 2010 and is funded by the National Science Foundation. Its mission is to bring together business, educators, and government in a collaborative effort to build a highly-skilled workforce to meet the growing demand for these types of jobs in the Capital Region.