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Gr. 5 Donates to Charities for Pay It Forward Day


Students advocate for a charity


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Fifth graders celebrated International Pay It Forward Day on Apr. 28 by donating money they raised to local organizations that they championed.


In April, students were encouraged to earn $5 by activities including raking lawns, doing chores, organizing a lemonade stand, and working at the South End Children's Cafe. Students then gathered on Apr. 28 to choose charities to support.


"Students who felt strongly about a particular charitable organization made posters and shared their thoughts and feelings about why this organization should be supported," explained Teacher Sid Reischer.


Organizations varied from national organization such as the World Wildlife Fund, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, to local charities like The Anchor, the Northeast Parent and Child Society, and the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.


"Some students shared personal stories," said Mr. Reischer. "One student who had lived in a foster home for five years told of his difficulties before his adoption. Another student spoke of losing her grandfather to Muscular Dystrophy. A third spoke of his 4-year-old cousin receiving a wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation."


After the presentations were made, students walked around the room donating their dollars into containers by the posters.


"As a class we raised over $200 for the various organizations and we learned about ourselves and one another in the process," said Mr. Reischer.