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CES Students Receive Trees to Plant for Arbor Day


Students with Arbor Day treesSchodack CSD would like to sincerely thank our "secret" donor who provided Castleton Elementary students with hundreds of trees again this year to plant for Arbor Day.


Here is a message from the community member, who asked to remain anonymous.


"Starting in 2002, Arbor Day trees have been planted by students of CES. This was initiated to mimic programs in the 1960's. Currently our town boasts a CES Forest. Not a conventional stand of trees but spread over our district. Assuming a nine-foot diameter average footprint, and thinking only half the trees have survived, the CES forest is nearly 5 acres of shade, bird nests and beauty built by children and he who makes them grow. Trees increase property values, clean the air and provide seeds for birds and squirrels. Great job CES!!!!!"