Schodack Central School District

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Jason Chevrier, Superintendent

Annual Fire Inspections Help Keep Schools Safe


To help ensure safe schools, Fire Inspector Kent Pratt (pictured with Gr. 1 class mascot Percival Penguin) visited every room in each Schodack school on May 3, as well as the bus garage, looking for potential fire safety issues.


"Schools are mandated to do yearly fire inspections," explained Director of Facilities Matt LaClair. "The Fire Inspector walks every nook and cranny of every building to look for compliance issues such as extension cords, amount of paper on walls, and making sure emergency lights work."


Mr. Pratt found no major concerns in his inspection. He will send the district a report detailing minor items that need correcting. Once those are addressed, the district is required to file a final report with New York State. "We did great," said Mr. LaClair.


"Kent was particularly impressed by the High School and the Capital Project, including how exits are being maintained and how we bring fire departments in so they're familiar with the project and what we're doing."