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Jason Chevrier, Superintendent

Administrative Restructuring Plan Presented for 2017-18


Jason Chevrier, who will become superintendent on July 1, proposed not filling his current Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment position as part of an administrative restructuring presented to the Board of Education on May 16.


Instead, Mr. Chevrier proposed hiring an assistant principal for Maple Hill High School next year and reassigning some duties of the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Safe Schools, and Pupil Personnel Service.


All other administrative positions would remain the same for 2017-18.


"The proposal was developed through extensive discussions with the administrative team with the idea of developing a structure that allows the leadership team to better support faculty, staff, students, and parents," said Mr. Chevrier. "In addition to providing a different layer of support, there would be a significant cost savings to the district."


Mr. Chevrier explained adding an assistant principal would provide additional support at the High School and increase administrative interaction with the Middle School to help create a smooth transition to a Gr. 7-12 building in 2018-19.


"It is expected that the building principal will focus more on instructional leadership and will be more actively involved with curriculum, instruction, and assessment within the building working more closely with teachers and within departments," said Mr. Chevrier.


The Board of Education approved the administrative restructuring at its meeting. The district has posted the position and expects to recommend a candidate at the July 6 Board meeting.


"Faculty, staff, students, and parent participation will be essential in the hiring process," said. Mr. Chevrier. "Again, it is my hope that this change will better support our school community resulting in improvements and efficiencies at the building level."


Mr. Chevrier also proposed adding an Assistant Principal at Castleton Elementary School for 2018-19, when the school becomes a K-6 building. The Board of Education asked for additional information about that proposal before making a decision.