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Superintendent Horan Promotes District at Startup Business Event


Superintendent Bob Horan speaks at Startup Tech Valley meeting

Superintendent Bob Horan received the loudest applause at the April 2 StartUp Tech Valley event, where he was a featured speaker pitching his idea to locate start-up businesses in unused Middle School building space.


“ ‘We’re not closing buildings; we’re going to repurpose them!’ Who else is loving Horan’s progressive economic ideas?!” tweeted an entrepreneur at the event.


StartUp Tech Valley is a monthly meeting where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas for start up companies in front of an audience of investors and business leaders. It also provides networking opportunities for attendees.


As soon as Mr. Horan finished his speech, local business leaders stopped him to discuss possible opportunities. The district already has three start-up companies in the Middle School basement and has shown the space to other interested entrepreneurs.


To ensure the safety of students, start-up business employees must undergo the same fingerprinting and background checks as district employees.


Mr. Horan noted that when he started attending regional business meetings and events, he often received quizzical looks from business leaders who had never seen school superintendents at their events.


“They’d often ask me ‘Why are you here?’,” Mr. Horan said. “So I tell them ‘What better way to prepare our students for 21st century jobs than by connecting with local business leaders so we know what type of skills our students need to be successful’. Once they hear that, they’re excited to work with us. We have built some very strong connections with local business leaders as a result.”