How to Run for the Board of Education


Schodack CSD encourages community members to run for the Board of Education. Interested residents must present petitions with signatures and addresses of at least 25 qualified voters of the school district to the District Office by Monday, April 21, 2014 by 5:00 p.m.


Petitions can be downloaded by clicking here or you can have one mailed to you by calling the District Office at 732-2297.


To run for the Board of Education, New York State requires candidates be:

  • At least 18-years-old
  • A U.S. citizen
  • A resident of the district for at least one year prior to election


Benefits of School Board Membership


To help community members interested in running for the Board of Education understand what the positions involve, the Board of Education has provided the following information. This information is also available in a printable .pdf version by clicking here...


As a School Board Member, you get a chance to make a real difference in the lives of children and in the quality of life of the community.


Schools influence the future by preparing the children of today for the future they and we will face. Schools are also one of the most powerful forces for societal and economic change. In your role as a School Board member you get to exercise decision making authority which gives life to these concepts. The effective and efficient management of your schools will give you a profound sense of purpose and responsibility, and when this job is well done, it is extraordinarily rewarding and will give you a true sense of satisfaction and pride.


What motivates a School Board Member to carry out their work? For some of us it is about our children and their experience; for others it is about our grand children, or our neighbor’s children; and for others it is about making a contribution to the overall quality of life of the community. Irrespective of the focus of your motivation, being a Board Member offers the opportunity to contribute your time and talents to an endeavor which produces real results.  You will see the difference that a positive, well functioning Board of Education makes in the lives of those around you.


Membership is not without its challenges. You will be asked to carefully balance the needs of children, with the interests and desires of the community, with concerns of property taxpayers. If you enjoy a challenge, and the satisfaction of successfully achieving the balance of interests that are present, then this job is for you.


Schools are also fun places and a center for community life. School activities engage families, extended families, and neighbors in activities, events and learning opportunities that contribute to our individual and collective enjoyment, and to daily quality of life. Your role helps create this gratifying environment.


The experience of being a Board Member has often been characterized as the “purist form of public service.”  You are an unpaid volunteer, whose personal sacrifice carries out a vital governmental and societal function.  It is a true expression of the concept of “citizenship.” 


We can promise you one thing.  Despite the time commitment and the challenges, when you attend a concert, a play, a sporting event, an art exhibit, an academic awards ceremony, or a graduation, you will have an overwhelming sense of joy and satisfaction because you will know you made a difference.  


Time Commitment Guidelines


To help residents interested in running for the Board of Education understand what the positions involve, the Board of Education has provided the following Time Commitment Guidelines. This information is also available in a printable .pdf version by clicking here...

  • 6 Hour Fiscal Oversight Training
  • 6 Hour School Board Member Academy
  • Approximately 45 minute meeting with each of the following:
    • Superintendent
    • School Business Official
    • CES Principal
    • MHMS Principal
    • MHHS Principal
    • Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds
    • Transportation Supervisor
    • Curriculum Coordinator
    • CSEA
    • Schodack Faculty Association
    • Board of Education
  • Board of Education Regular Time Commitments:
    • 1-2 full Board meetings per month (approximately 4 hours each)
    • Sub committee meetings as required (all Board members are on the Audit Sub Committee)
    • Special Events (Graduation, National Honor Society induction, etc.)
    • Board retreats (summer and winter)
    • Other meetings as necessary (community forums, Community Budget Advisory Committee, etc.)
    • Review board information packet and preparation for Board Meetings
    • Reading and responding to e-mail


Electioneering and Campaign Expenditure Rules


New York State Law prohibits "electioneering" within 100 feet of school district polling places. This includes the distribution or displaying of a candidate's election campaign materials. The law pertains to both school board elections and school propositions.


In addition, all candidates running for a Board of Education seat must file sworn statements of campaign expenditures (as required by Chapter 359 of the Laws of 1978). Candidates must file with the Clerk of the school district. There is no specific format for the campaign expenditure statement; however, an itemization is necessary if expenditures exceed $500 and a sworn statement must be filed indicating that the election expenditures did not exceed $500.


A first statement of projected expenditures must be filed on the 10th day preceding the election. A second statement of actual expenditures must be filed within 20 days succeeding the election. A statement will be deemed properly filed when it is deposited in any established post office within the time indicated above, duly stamped, registered and directed to the Clerk of the school district in which filer is a candidate.


Michele Reickert
Clerk of the Board of Education
Schodack Central School District
1216 Maple Hill Road
Castleton, NY 12033-1699