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Robert Horan, Superintendent

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Commencement Ceremony Grade 8 Graduation Grade 5 Celebration Faculy and staff say goodbye to students Locks of Love Students read letters from alumnae in U.S. Air Force Students support Water for South Sudan Mousetrap cars Students honor for artwork Wildcat Marathon CES Field Day Student-made commercial Safety Award

Congratulations to Class of 2015!

Thank you to all the parents who sent photos of the High School Commencement Ceremony on June 26. Congratulations to our newest alumni! View a photo slideshow...

Congratulations to Grade 8 Students!

Thank you to all the parents who sent photos of the Grade 8 Graduation on June 25. Congratulations to our students! View a photo slideshow...

Congratulations to Grade 5 Students!

Castleton Elementary School celebrated Grade 5 students on the last day of school on June 25, dedicating the Morning Assembly to them as students sang, read poems and watched videos of their time at school. As part of a tradition, 5th graders then walked along the sidewalk outside the school where students, teachers, staff and family members cheered them. Congratulations! View a photo slideshow...

Faculty and Staff Say Goodbye to Students

Castleton Elementary and Maple Hill Middle School gave a warm goodbye to students on the last day of school on June 25 as teachers stood outside to congratulate students and waved to them as they left on school buses. Have a happy and safe summer! View more photos...

Students, Faculty and Staff Donate Hair to Locks of Love

Students, faculty and staff helped children suffering from long-term medical hair loss by donating 8 to 10 inches of their hair at the June 24 CES assembly. This is the 11th straight year CES has held the event to benefit Locks of Love, a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children. Thanks to Christina and Heather from CC's Family Cuts for volunteering to help out! See more photos...

3rd Graders Receive Letters from Alumnae in U.S. Air Force

Third graders wrote letters and sent a care package to Maple Hill alumnae Captain Brianna Baker who is serving in the U.S. Air Force in Qatar. "Students were thrilled to receive individual letters that Brianna wrote to each of them, as well as a certificate and American flag. The flag was flown over Iraq on an E-8C JSTARS aircraft and then presented to our class," said teacher Christina Yager. "The project was a wonderful way for the students to show kindness and gratitude across many miles! Receiving personal notes in return made it that much more memorable and real for everyone."

7th Graders Help Bring Clean, Safe Water to South Sudan

Seventh graders helped villages in South Sudan have access to safe, clean drinking water by traveling to Rochester on June 19 where they participated in a walk for Water for South Sudan. Students became interested in the cause after reading the novel “A Long Walk to Water” that tells the story of Salva Dut. "We donated $1,401.54 to Water for South Sudan and we were all just thrilled to meet Salva at the event," said teacher Christine Fowler. Great job! Watch a video by Time Warner Cable News...

Middle School Students Use 3D Printers to Create Mousetrap Cars

Maple Hill Middle School students used 3D printers to build mousetrap cars they designed and then tested by racing them and calculating their distance and speed. Great job!

Student Artwork Selected for Exhibit at NYS Capitol

Congratulations to 4th graders Claire Pulver and Abbi Rossman, 6th grader Diana Pugliese and 11th grader Helena Mueller who had their artwork selected for the 25th Annual NYS Art Teachers Association's Exhibit. Students were honored at the NYS Capitol where their artwork was put on display. "Janel (Gregoire) and I couldn't be more proud of their dedication and commitment to excellence," said teacher Sue Pazienza.

Wildcat Marathon Encourages Families to Run

The 2nd Annual Wildcat Marathon had a great turnout again this year as dozens of runners of all ages came out to finish their final leg of the marathon. The event encourages students and families to run by having them log their runs over a six-week period and finishing up together with a final run around the High School track. Click here for photos... Results are available here...

Picture Perfect Day for Field Day

It was a picture perfect day for CES’s annual Field Day on June 3. View more photos...

Marketing Students Create Commercial for Business

Maple Hill High School’s marketing class created an advertising commercial for Waste Management that shows how the company uses waste to create energy. "The students were really excited and I am very proud of them," said teacher Christopher VanDerbeck. "We couldn’t have done it without the help of Bryce and Lindsay Mannion. Bryce was essential in filming and production and Lindsay was excellent in the video. The video is currently being viewed by Waste Management executives and is getting a tremendous amount of positive feedback." Watch the commercial...

District Earns Safety Award for 9th Straight Year

For the ninth year in a row, Schodack CSD was honored with a School Safety Excellence Award from Utica National Insurance Group. The insurance group honors school districts with awards based on categories such as bullying prevention, playground safety and transportation. "The award involves a good preventative safety review every year that is all encompassing," said Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Matt LaClair. "It takes a lot of people from all areas of the school to complete the review. Utica National also adds things each year so it’s always changing and growing to bring attention to new areas we should look at to consistently improve school safety."

Question About 2015-16 School Year?

Please email us if you have a question about the upcoming 2015-16 school year. Posted 7/06/15.

School Supply Lists

Supply lists for the 2015-16 school year are available here... Posted 7/09/15.

2015-16 School Attendance Calendar

The one-page 2015-16 school calendar, which lists school days for next year, is available here... Posted 4/20/15.

Register Kindergartners Now

Student registration information and forms are available here... Posted 3/05/15.

Summer Meal ProgramSummer Meal Program Helps Ensure Students Receive Nutritious Meals

To help ensure all children receive nutritious meals during the summer when school is out of session, the USDA has created a website to help those in need find free summer meal programs. Visit the website here or call 1-866-3-HUNGRY. During the school year, 21.4 million children in the United States receive their lunch at a reduced-price or at no charge through the National School Lunch Program. Yet when school lets out for the summer, only 3.8 million children participate in summer meal programs. Posted 6/02/15.