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Jason Chevrier, Principal

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Students work together at Museum of Science and Innovation Students with books Students debate books CES authors Students create math facts Students learn using technology Teacher helps student with smartboard technology 1st graders celebrate book release

Gr. 5 Students Learn to Work Together at miSci Museum

Fifth graders worked together on a simulated space mission at miSci, the Museum of Innovation and Science in Schenectady. Students took the roles of scientists and engineers as one group went to a space station where they determined coordinates for a comet and then had to relay the data back to students in the control center.

CES Students Receive Books Thanks to Donations

There was plenty of excitement for reading at CES when author Chris Grabenstein visited. Students received a surprise when each received a book. Thank you to Kasia Mello & Morgan Stanley, Audiologic Solutions Hearing Center, American Legion Post #1268, Castleton Kiwanis, Brad Rose Landscaping Inc., Schodack PBA, Bud's Florist & Greenhouses, and Friends of the Library for donations to purchase books!

5th Graders Debate Which Book Should Win Newbery Award

As part of an annual project to encourage students to read, 5th graders debated which books should win the Newbery Medal for best children's literature. Teams of students take turns debating, listing specific examples from the books they read that make them worthy of the award. Great job!

CES Students Have Work Published in Magazine

Congratulations to our latest published CES authors who had their work included in Skribblers, a magazine that features student stories and artwork! Thank you to the PTO for buying copies of the children's publication for our students.

Gr. 4 Challenge Excites CES Students About Math

CES students showed their enthusiasm for math in December by accepting the 4th grade's Math Facts Challenge. Students wrote a total of 12,994 math facts on strips of paper that 4th graders turned into chains that were displayed around the school.

Wireless Devices Bring Technology to the Classroom

The days of students walking to a computer lab are becoming a thing of the past as wireless devices put technology in students' hands in their classrooms. Read more...

Flipped Learning Provides More Time with Teacher

Technology is helping Castleton Elementary School math teacher Amy Hirschoff spend more time working with her fourth grade students. Read more...

1st Graders Celebrate New Book

1st graders celebrated Kwame Alexander's new book "Surf's Up" by organizing a beach day at school on Dec. 4. "It shows we don't do anything small at Castleton Elementary when it comes to treating authors like rock stars," said Principal Jason Chevrier.

Sick ChildPlease Remind Students to Sneeze Into Elbow

Parents, in an effort to minimize the spread of germs during this winter season, School Nurse Heather Brewer asks that you please encourage your children to cough and sneeze into their elbow and also how to properly use a tissue. Also, please encourage them to wash their hands after doing this. Children should be kept home from school if they have a fever, are vomiting, have diarrhea, are coughing uncontrollably or are very congested. They may return 24 hours after vomiting/diarrhea has subsided or they are 24 hours fever free. Please call Ms. Brewer with any questions/concerns at 732-7755, option "1". Thank you! Posted 1/15/16.

Kindergarten RegistrationRegister Kindergartners Now for 2016-17 School Year

Parents of children who will attend kindergarten in the fall are encouraged to register their children now. Orientation will be held in April and May; parents need to have registered their kindergartners prior to attending the orientation. Registration forms are available here or by calling 732-2523. A child must be 5 years old by Dec. 1, 2016 to attend kindergarten in September. Posted 11/17/15.

Bus Note and Student Pick-Up Note Forms

To help ensure the safety of our students, CES parents are asked to please use the following forms:

  • Bus Note Form - If your child needs to take a different school bus home.
  • Pick-Up Note Form - If you plan to pick up your child from school. (If you pick up your child every day from school, only one note is necessary at the beginning of each school year.)

Monthly Morning Assembly Schedule

The Monthly Morning Assembly schedule, including which grades are featured, is available here... Posted 10/21/15.

Have a Question About Student Arrival/Dismissal or Visiting CES?

Visit the Elementary Office/Info webpage for information about arrival and dismissal procedures, visitor information, and more.