Schodack Central School District

1477 South Schodack Road, Castleton-on-Hudson, New York 12033
T: (518) 732-2297 • F: (518) 732-7710
Jason Chevrier, Superintendent

Sign Up for Text AlertsSign Up for Text Alerts


Schodack CSD offers text alerts for school delays, school closings, and other non-emergency announcements. Please note, parents will always receive a call and a text in the event of an emergency.


How Parents Can Sign Up

Parents just need to text the letter Y to number 67587 using the cell phone you would like to receive text messages on. You should receive a response confirming you have subscribed.


We recommend subscribers create an entry in their phone's contact list for "Schodack CSD" and the phone number 67587. This will help make it clear that the text is coming from the district.


How Students and Other Can Sign Up

If you are not a parent but would like to receive text alerts (i.e. students, grandparents, etc.), please fill out this brief survey to provide us your contact information.


Within a few days, you should receive a text asking if you would like to subscribe. Simply reply with the letter Y. Please email Communications Specialist Jason McCord if you experience an issue.


If You Experience an Issue

It is important to note that your phone number must be in the system to receive text alerts. If you text the letter Y to 67587 and your number is not in the system, you will still receive a confirmation text but will not receive future text alerts. (We apologize for this but it is how the system operates and we cannot change that).


If you are a parent and experience an issue, please contact your child's Main Office. They can check to see if your contact information is correct.


How to Unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe anytime by texting Stop to number 67587.


Cell Service Fees May Apply

Please note that your cell phone carrier may charge you for texts and data rates may apply. If you have any questions, please contact your cell phone's carrier. Also, some cell phone carriers do not support short code processing. If your cell phone service is provided by such a carrier, you will not be able to subscribe to SMS messaging even though your phone supports SMS messaging from regular phone numbers.