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Jason Chevrier, Superintendent

Special Education Services


Understanding the Special Education Process

Initial Steps to Identify Concerns
Per NYS law, we are required to ensure every effort is made to support students through the resources available within the school's general education program before a referral for special education.

  • Step 1: When a student has difficulty meeting educational expectations, a parent/teacher conference is set up to discuss the concerns.

  • Step 2: The student's teacher refers the matter to the Building Level Child Study Team to discuss possible strategies to address the concerns.

  • Step 3: A parent conference with a teacher/principal is set up to plan and create a written pre-referral strategy plan with agreed upon assessment and evaluation timelines.

If the student continues to experience difficulty and a disability is suspected, the following steps are followed.


Referral to Pupil Personnel Services Department
A referral is made to the Pupil Personnel Services Department by a parent, teacher, administrator, or physician.


Parent Contacted
Referral packet is sent to parent/guardian, which includes:

  • Referral Letter
  • Test Descriptions
  • Consent for Evaluation (i.e. Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), Speech)
  • Parent Handbook
  • Due Process Rights
  • Social History Profile

Parent Signs Consent for Evaluations to Be Conducted
Committee has 60 days from signed consent to complete the following steps:

  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Educational Evaluation
  • Evaluations in all ares relating to suspected disability
  • Classroom observation
  • Review Social History

CSE Meeting/Recommendations
Parent is notified in advance of date, time and place of CSE meeting.

  • Committee convenes to review all evaluation information
  • Committee determines whether criteria for eligibility has been met
  • Committee develops an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) (if eligible)
  • Committee recommends services (if eligible)
  • Recommendation is sent to Board of Education for approval

Parent Signs Consent for Service
Once consent has been received and the Board of Education approves recommendation, services begin (within 60 days from the CSE receipt of consent to evaluate)


Annual Review
The CSE meets at least once each school year, generally in the spring, to discuss the student's progress and review the IEP. Recommendations are made for the following school year and the IEP is updated.


Every three years, per New York State law, CSE students are reevaluated in all areas of services. Parents sign consent for this process. All testing results are discussed with the family and providers at the annual review meeting and it is decided to continued or discontinue services.