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Capital Project Scheduled to Be Completed by Sept. 2018


Capital Project plan for Maple Hill High School


(Updated 4/13/17)

The district's Capital Project is steadily moving forward with steel beams for a new music and art wing in place in the back of Maple Hill High School and foundations poured for new science classrooms in the front of the building.


"We're ahead of schedule," said Director of Facilities Matt LaClair. "The foundations weren't supposed to be done until this summer. Our faculty, staff and students deserve a lot of credit. They've put up with some dust, dirt, and noise and taken it all in stride. That really has helped work move quickly."


Inside the High School, the old main office, guidance and nurse area were gutted. New electrical, plumbing, heating and sprinklers were installed in the basement.


While workers have been busy since the ground breaking in November, this summer the community will notice the pace of work increase at the High School and start at Castleton Elementary.


"Once they have full blown access to the buildings, without students and staff, they'll be hubs of activity," said Mr. LaClair. "We expect CES to be completed by the start of the school year and the new entrance, music and art rooms, and library to be done at the High School."


Renovations at Castleton Elementary will include a more secure entrance, expanded parent lobby, a K-6 science lab, and renovated art and music classrooms. Additional renovations at the High School building, including finishing the science classrooms and new student areas, will be completed for the start of the 2018-19 school year.


Jason Chevrier, the district's next superintendent, expects the community will be impressed by the Capital Project's student-focused improvements and innovative design. But he stressed the most important piece for parents is what the new K-6 and grade 7-12 school alignment will look like.


"We know a Capital Project is more than just bricks and mortar to parents," said Mr. Chevrier. "Parents want to know what the programs inside those buildings will look like for their children. We look forward to those conversations with parents next year so they have a good understanding before we move grades in 2018."


Voters approved the $20.1 million Capital Project in November 2014. The project is expected to have no local tax impact due to state aid, retiring debt and improved efficiencies.


For more information about the project, please see the resources below or visit an upcoming Board of Education meeting where updates are provided regularly and residents are encouraged to ask questions.


Click here to read a detailed study of the proposed Capital ProjectResources


Capital Project plan for Maple Hill High School