Schodack Central School District

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Jason Chevrier, Superintendent

Capital Project Updates




Maple Hill School

  • Maple Hill School renovations are expected to be completed for September 2018.

  • Construction will continue throughout the 2017-18 school year. Safety is the top priority; construction areas are not accessible to students or staff.

  • Maple Hill School will educate grade 7-12 students starting in September 2018.

  • Construction of the current phase is slightly behind schedule due to asbestos remediation over the summer. The district found more asbestos than expected during demolition (which was safely removed over the summer). The district also decided to move up removal of asbestos floor tiles over the summer which saved money by completing remediation at one time; it will also allow the second phase of the project to move quicker.

Castleton Elementary School

  • Castleton Elementary School renovations are largely completed. Finishing work will continue during the fall of 2017.

  • A new parent lobby offers a more secure entrance where visitors are checked in before they are allowed in the school.

  • Other renovations involve areas of the original school building. These include a new art room, larger nurse's office, and an innovative learning lab.

  • Castleton Elementary School will educate grades K-6 starting in September 2018.

Maple Hill Middle School

  • The Capital Project focuses largely on Maple Hill School and Castleton Elementary School because the district wants to focus funding where students will be learning in 2018-19. As a result, there are no renovations currently scheduled for the Middle School building.

  • While there will be no Schodack CSD students in Maple Hill Middle School starting in September 2018, the district will continue to use the building. District offices will continue to be located in the building and StoryPlace Preschool and Questar III BOCES are expected to continue to lease classroom space. The district also hopes to expand its Business Incubator program to create opportunities for students at no cost to taxpayers.



Capital Project plan for Maple Hill High School