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Jason Chevrier, Superintendent

2018-19 School Budget Information

The 2018-19 school budget was approved by a vote of 395-158 on May 15. The bus proposition was approved 409-145. The Capital Reserve Fund proposition was approved 410-140. Michael Tuttle (435), Michael Charsky (424) and Michael Hiser (423) were re-elected to 3-year terms on the Board of Education. Thank you to everyone who came out to vote!


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Budget development is a year round process at Schodack. The district continually monitors the current budget to actual expenditures and reviews the needs of the students. In December, the Board of Education adopts a budget calendar.


The administration then prepares a draft budget with principals and supervisors. The different departments and buildings present to the Board of Education in January and February. The school board then devotes much time to budget development at its regular business meetings throughout January, February, and March. Administration also looks at internal and external factors that are likely to have the greatest impact on the next year's budget. Such factors may include rising prices for fuel or health insurance.


Throughout the winter and spring, administrators work to refine their numbers as more accurate cost estimates and enrollment figures are received during this period. Revenues are also refined as the State releases budget numbers and the Tax Cap is filed.


In late March/early April (depending on state budget developments), the Board of Education votes on a proposed budget. A newsletter describing the budget is then printed and mailed to all district homes. A copy of the proposed budget broken down by line items is also available in late April at the main office of each school building, district office, public library, and on the district website. The public vote on the proposed budget is held by law on the third Tuesday in May.

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