Building on its first year as a Gr. 7-12 school, Maple Hill Jr./Sr. High School will continue to create student opportunities next year through collaboration while increasing support for math and mental health.

“Having 7th and 8th graders here with our high school students has provided opportunities we wouldn’t have had otherwise like peer mentorship and accelerated options,” said Principal Jacqueline Hill. “We want to focus on our successes and continue to create opportunities for our students next year.”

Peer mentoring pairs juniors, sophomores and seniors with 7th and 8th graders to help students with study skills, homework or social needs.

“We chose some juniors and sophomores so they’ll still be here next year for our students and they can start in September with the same mentors,” said Ms. Hill. “It gives them an opportunity to know older students but also to learn their work ethic.”

New accelerated class options this year include Spanish, where students can potentially earn high school credit, and Technology, where selected and interested 8th graders earned half a credit.

Younger and older students also worked together in the Maple Hill Drama Club, a grade 7-12 club who performed a musical this past spring. The 2019-20 budget increases money for extracurricular activities.

“They worked with each other to put on a great performance and our older students really mentored and modeled for our younger students. Hopefully that helps sustain a great program in the future,” said Ms. Hill.

To increase math support next year, our math coach from CES instead will support grades 7-8 where some smaller sections will provide more individualized instruction. The budget also provides for supplemental math curriculum materials for those grades.

Maple Hill Jr./Sr. High School will expand its focus on mental health next year with more resources to support students, families and staff. The school will continue this year’s 1st Annual Wellness Day, where students learned about dozens of topics from community volunteers and organizations. Grade 7 also held restorative circles during their homeroom led by school psychologist, Jennifer Delaney, and school social worker, Michelle Stilson. The circles focused on talking about student interests and social and emotional issues students may face daily.

“Through the Grade 7-12 Mental Health Committee, we have been able to build a significant foundation in terms of student mental health plans and supports. We very much look forward to utilizing resources available to enhance this foundation further next year and in years to come,” said Assistant Principal Jodi Sullivan.